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Victoria Arduino Mythos MYG75 (Black)
Victoria Arduino Mythos MYG75 (Black)
Victoria Arduino Mythos MYG75 (Black)

Rp 51.000.000

The Mythos grinder has been upgraded and has increased
the precision and control of the grinding to enable all
baristas, roasteries and chains, that have already
appreciated its performance, design and attention to
sustainability, to reach a new level of perfection.

With its 4 different versions, Mythos has created a full system
of grinding excellence and perfection. All have rigorously the
same design and the same iconic lines. The Mythos
ecosystem comes in the 75mm (MY75) and 85mm (MY85)
versions with the option of integrating gravimetric technology
(MYG75 and MYG85).

Electronic on Demand grinder; Long Life burrs 75 mm and 85 mm; Timed and Gravimetric version; Burrs distance setting; Touchscreen
display; Total/ partial dose counter; n. 3 programmable doses; Dose addition function; Stop & Go function; Barista Function; Micrometric
grinding regulation; Clima Pro Technology.

Dosage : Gravimetric
Bean Hopper Capacity : 1,5 kg
Burrs : Long life Ø = 75mm
Power : 950 W (110V)/600 W (230V)
Voltage : 115/230V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Grinding Speed (g/s) : 2,7 - 3,5
Net Weight : 24,5 kg

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