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Dr. Hows Neo Saute Pan 20 - Rose Pink
Dr. Hows Neo Saute Pan 20 - Rose Pink
Dr. Hows Neo Saute Pan 20 - Rose Pink

Rp 780.000

Dr. HOWS NEO Saute Pan IH 20cm

- Body: Aluminum
- Handle: Bakelite
- Coating: Nonstick

- Color : Lavender/Rose Pink/Peppermint
- Size : 20cm/24cm

20 cm in diameter × height - 20 cm × 7 cm
Handle: 20 cm
Weight 830g
· Total length of the fritter tender - 30 cm / Height - 2.5 cm / Width 9.5 cm

1. Spatula for various purposes
- Enclosed is a fritter tender that can be combined with the handle, and does not touch the floor to help clean the kitchen.
- Made to increase durability by adjusting thickness and size, it can be used in a variety of ways.

2. Silicone carbide coating
- Silicon carbide coating, which is second only to diamond scratches, is an expensive material used in jet engines with heat generation above 1500°C and has a durability that is not comparable to titanium used in regular low-cost frying pans.

3. Ergonomically designed handles
- It is designed to distribute the load through the thumb so that the wrist is not strained as much as possible.
- It is a rubber coating material that is temperature-resistant and does not deliver heat, so it is good to hold the handle and cook safely during cooking.

4. Used in a variety of heat sources
- Available in gas stoves, highlights, plates, as well as IH induction with over 90% thermal efficiency.

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