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Dr. Hows Damen Stainless Mixing Bowl
Dr. Hows Damen Stainless Mixing Bowl
Dr. Hows Damen Stainless Mixing Bowl

Rp 1.400.000

Dr. HOWS Damen Stainless Mixing Bowl (20, 24, 28 cm)

Mixing bowl 20 cm - 262 gr - Soft Cream - 1.5 L
Mixing bowl 24 cm - 363 gr - Baby Pink - 3.0 L
Mixing bowl 28 cm - 518 gr - Forest Green - 4.0L

1. Sensory colors
- The sensuous color accentuates the kitchen to make the atmosphere brighter.
- The exterior is finished with a color coating to prevent fingerprints and stainless steel stains.
- This product is very useful because you can wash food and even plate it at once.

2. Safe stainless steel 304 material
It can be used without discoloration for a long time, especially stainless steel, which does not produce harmful substances, so you can prepare the dish with more confidence.

3. Pureing rim structure
Hold the contents of the mixing bowl so that they do not spill when pouring or removing it is convenient to use.

4. Convenient use
All three-size mixing bowls are graded, so you can use them conveniently when cooking, which requires measurement. It's convenient to store because it's stacked by size.

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